Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There's a new baby at my house and his name is BARTOK. Born October 17, 2010, adopted by me January 16, 2011. He and Miss Bella are getting along wonderfully. They have the same handsome father and their mothers are sisters.

I haven't spent much time lately working on card creations but I'm ALWAYS working on something. The two bracelets below are an "industrial chic" design style. I made them for two of my co-workers for Christmas.

The photo below is of my living floor after I refinished it last month. This particular dream began about two years ago when I decided to pull up the commercial-grade gray carpeting in my living room and bedroom and discovered the original 100-year-old oak floor underneath. I can't even begin to estimate how many hours I invested in painting the walls and ceiling, removing the carpeting and padding, pulling hundreds of staples holding the padding in place, stripping the dark brown shellac around the edges of the rooms where it had been painted around the edges of room-size carpeting, sanding, staining, applying polyeurothene . . . I still have the bedroom and a small room off the bedroom that I use for a closet to do. I look forward to enjoying my newly refinished floors!


  1. Your bracelets are toooo cool! Love this!

  2. I really LUV your bracelets! How do you DO those? I'd luv to try to make one...maybe they are too hard for me tho...