Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dee-oh-gee and Bartok

And DEE-OH-GEE makes THREE Golden Retrievers at my house!! Five-month-old Dee-oh-gee and Bartok are brothers and two-year-old Miss Bella is their half-sister . . . they all have the same father and their mothers are sisters . . . yeah, I know . . . it's complicated! They've all been affectionately nicknamed . . . Bella is 'Malibu Bella' because she's the darkest of the three with a 'golden tan' (and she's also a teenager in doggy years). Bartok is 'toy boy' because he's usually got a squeak toy in his mouth no matter where he goes and he knows how to squeak it well! Dee-oh-gee is 'the bandit' because if there's a stray article of clothing laying on the floor, he claims it (until we claim it back).


I created this "art quilt" about a year ago. It presently hangs over my file cabinet at work. It's the second one I've made--I donated the first one in my son Jason's memory to the Finger Lakes Donor Family Network a few years back for a fund-raising raffle. I'm not a collector of all things 'wolf' but I do love the woodsy color theme in this piece.