Friday, October 12, 2012

Beautiful Autumn!!

I love this time of year! It inspires me!!
My slightly pathetic (unattended) flower pots are still least til the frost hits them!

The first strawberry plant that I've ever tended to! It even produced edible berries!

Our little Mickey Moo is growing fast! He's the BEST for hours and hours of entertainment! We find the need to use a spray water bottle on him a lot because he jumps on the Goldens' faces, legs, tails, etc and makes them whimper :( but other than that, he's a fine Tom Cat!

Each time I visit this blog, I remind myself that I need to update it MORE OFTEN. Holy cow, I've done a ton of crafting and other stuff since my last blog entry in July! Unfortunately, I've neglected to take pics of 99% of the things I've created!

A card I made for my son, Adam's 31st birthday on September 20.
He knows I love him more than life itself!!

A promised photo (mentioned in my last blog entry) of Donor Family Quilt's now the time of this photo it was in need of two more squares and sandwiching and tying.

The very bottom right-hand square of Quilt #4 is for my son, Jase. As of his August 18th birthday, he would be 34 years old. Seventeen years spent laughing, living and loving him, seventeen years spent missing him each and every day. I wish I could receive one of his hugs just one more time.

And another promised photo from my last blog entry . . . Molly's dress (on the right). This is a pic of Mollie and her best friend. Mollie is my highschool girlfriend, Ellen's youngest daughter. She told her mom that she would attend the prom IF Ellen made her dress...Ellen wasn't all that confident in making it on her own. She felt like she was imposing upon me by asking . . . all I can say is NO WAY! I have no daughters to make pretty prom dresses for and I was HONORED to be asked to help make this dress! Plus, it gave me hours and hours of precious time spent with Ellen!  I even got the pleasure of 'visiting' the prom for a brief period of time when parents were allowed to come!! This is the kind of stuff memories are made of!!

xxx ooo--Barbara