Monday, April 30, 2012

Sew Crazy

It's been a creative spring for me . . .
  1. I created a baseball-themed baby quilt, crib skirt and bumper pad for my cousin's new baby boy, Giovanni. :) (must get photo!)
  2. I made 50+ pairs of earrings and sold 20 pairs to Elberta at Rolling Hills Produce (she and her hubby sell wayyyyyy more than produce) and she has also purchased my handmade cards in the past.
  3. I helped my highschool friend, Ellen, make a prom dress for her daughter, Mollie. That was soooooo much fun, especially since I have no daughters to make prom dresses for! I also had the joy of going to the prom with Ellen to watch the promenade--parents and guests were invited for a little while! (scroll down to the bottom and see the photo)
  4. I made kitchen, dining room and bedroom valances for a cousin's friend's lake house and had the pleasure of seeing them hung :)
  5. I made the cards below and sold them to a local quilt store, O'Susannah's in Watkins Glen. This is the 3rd year Sue has purchased my cards. :) Can you choose a favorite?? I love the House Mouse stamp designs but really can't choose a fav because I love them all!
  6. In the middle of all that, I acquired (and survived) an upper respiratory infection and slept a LOT! :)

Mollie dressed in the prom dress her mom and I made . . . on the right.