Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Card-Making Event Prep

I'm hosting a Valentine's Card-Making event at Funky Junk on the Ithaca Commons on Sunday, February 10th from 3-5pm and thought I'd share some photos of the 'gathering activities' I've been busy with for the past couple weeks . . . still more gathering to do! I'll do everything within my power to make this a FUN event for all who attend!

LOTS of pre-assembled card parts means that we can get down
to card-making and spend less time on making parts!!

I love playing with ice resin but, WOW, is it ever messy! Maybe it's just me??

Of course, I needed to make the daffodil one for my sister.
In hindsight, I would have used more glitter!!
These little paper packs are sooooo much fun!
I collect big paper packs, too, but these small ones just seem to capture my attention!
The big packs get chopped into card-sized pieces . . . see upper left.
Parts from years past . . . I've been playing with rubber and paper since about 1998.

LOVE these word stamps from RED LEAD Paperworks.
I sort of cut them apart and removed the frames around them to make
them more versatile for my needs. Please forgive me Chris & Sharon!!

Can't resist the Walmart 97-cent card parts.

Gathering the parts and organizing them is what I live for!!

E-bay shopping adds to my Stampin' Up stock pile. There are
more sets on the way via priority mail. :)

The more I UN-mount my rubber stamps, the easier they are to store.
I prefer unmounted stamps because they're easier to stamp with, too.