Saturday, May 16, 2009

This fuzzy little girl has been keeping me extremely occupied since I adopted her on April 10. She was born on February 13 and turned 3 months old a couple days ago.

Miss Bella is a pure bred Golden Retriever. She was the tiniest runt of a litter of 13 but at the rate she's growing, she won't be 'tiny' for long. A month ago I could snuggle her in the crook of my neck and now I can barely pick her up!

My stepsister who breeds Goldens asked me if I'd like to purchase her and how could I refuse? From the moment I first saw her, I fell in love!

Card-making has temporarily taken a back seat. I've been missing my creative time but I know life will settle down again as Bella grows. In the meantime, I'll squeeze in an hour or two here and there to keep myself from going through creative withdrawl symptoms!

Bella, what's that in your mouth??? Something you're not supposed to be chewing on, I would guess!