Saturday, October 10, 2009

More cards to share with you . . . I love the photo of the little girl and boy . . . although you may not get the full effect here, they shine :) This card uses stamps from Stampin' Up's "Aged to Perfection" set. I found the "Make Yours..." ad online and then spent some time searching through clip-art books to find the women cooking. The "Perfection" stove looks like an accident waiting to happen. Yikes. The "Hat Lady" stamp is one of 44 stamps that I purchased for .25 cents each! What a find! A local artist posted an ad on craigslist saying she was closing her stamping store/stamp making business to pursue other artistic venues. Most of the stamps that I purchased from her are vintage themed and I'm in heaven with thoughts and ideas of how to use each and every one of them!
I've had this sewing stamp set for several years and could never decide what to do with them. They're small stamps and don't work well on their own. I love the "sewing" theme in general but "country cute" isn't a favorite of mine.
My first attempt at rolling out clay and pressing a stamp into it.
Another attempt with clay . . .