Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love these old family photos!

Grandma Roe and Aunt Margaret.

Aunt Helen and Uncle Keith with sons Leon, Jack and Tom.

My father, Richard.

My mom and dad, Ruth and Richard Teeter with daughters Carol, Ginger and Luanne. I wasn't born yet!

Aunt Velma and Uncle Don Teeter with children Steve, David, Donna and Kyrle. Love those rootin' tootin' guns in the background!

Aunt Dora and Uncle Bill Bush with
children Carla, Marnie, Phil and Harold. Elaine and Paula weren't born yet!

Grandpa Roe and Aunt Peggy.

 Aunt Harriet and Uncle David Gunning with children Jeannie, Jim, Doug, Kate and Donnie. Mary Ellen was still a twinkle in her parents eyes.

Aunt Freda and Uncle Harry with sons Wayne and Mick.

My family in 1962 or thereabouts.

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